Hydrogeology & Water Resources Management


Tapajos Limited provides specialist consultancy services, with a particular focus on Hydrogeology, Groundwater, Boreholes and Wells,design, drilling and maintenance, Water Resources Management, catchment risk assessments and the assessing the impact of water use on the Aquatic Environment.

Tapajos serves the Water Industry, Environmental Regulators, Private and Industrial Abstractors, Agricultural and Horticultural Abstractors, Large and Small Water Users, Developers, Local Authorities and provide assistance with managing risks to private and public licensed abstractions and their impact on the aquatic environment.

Tapajos is committed to providing a high quality service, building strong and sustained client relationships. Our approach is to work effectively with established client teams and alongside individuals to ensure first class technical delivery within agreed timeframes. Tapajos solves complex and demanding hydrogeological and water resources problems in a robust, professional and experienced manner, exceeding our clients' expectations.

What we do:                                                                                      

Hydrogeology - Boreholes, Pumping Tests, Yield Evaluation  
Hydrogeological, Geological and Borehole Assessments

New Source Development

Abstraction-Production Borehole Assessment

Exploration Boreholes

Borehole Design

Borehole Drilling - Project Management and Supervision

Borehole Development

Acidisation - design and management

Borehole equipping - pump sizing
Pumping Tests - Design, Project Management and Supervision

Pumping Test Evaluation

Borehole Yield and Efficiency Optimisation

Adit Surveys - ROV Survey - technical and project management

Borehole Condition Surveys - CCTV and Geophysical Surveys, Assessment and Reports

Borehole Cleaning and Rehabilitation

Borehole Relining and Repair

Public Supply - Private Water Supplies - Irrigation
Abstraction Licence Applications

Discharge Consent Applications

Section 32 Consent to investigate a groundwater source

Planning Stage Hydrogeological Appraisals

Hydrogeological Risk Assessments

Groundwater Flooding Risk Assessments

Groundwater protection: principles and practice (GP3) - advice

Turbidity Assessment & Trials

Tracer Tests

Thermal Response Tests (TRT) Evaluation


Catchment Risk Assessments

Private Water Supply Risk Assessments

Source Protection

Groundwater Pollution Risk Assessment and Prevention

Water Features Surveys

Interpretive Reports

Regional Aquifer Assessment
Groundwater Monitoring

Observation Borehole Network Design

Observation Borehole Drilling - Project Management and Supervision

Water level monitoring - source, install and download water level transducers

Conductivity loggers

Groundwater Modelling

Conceptual Models

Analytical and semi-analytical solutions

Numerical Flow Models

Groundwater Contaminant Transport Modelling

Source Protection Zones Delineation and Modelling

Groundwater Saline Interface monitoring and modelling

Water Resources Management                                                          
Deployable Output Assessments

Borehole Operational Efficiency

Production Planning and Scheduling

Yield Enhancement and Yield Optimisation
Abstraction Licence Applications & Review

Discharge Consent Applications & Review

Water Audits

Leakage Assessments

Water Resources Planning

Drought Planning and Drought Management

Expert Witness

Water Law and Consultation - Legislation, Regulation & Guidance

Net Present Value (NPV) Assessments (with respect to Abstraction Licence and Discharge Consents)

Investigations and Options Appraisals for

* National Environment Programme (NEP)

* Groundwater Regulations (supereceded by WFD)

* Water Framework Directive (WFD)

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) to
address the impact of abstraction on the
Aquatic Environment and Groundwater Resources

Spring surveys

Ephemeral River Flow Relationships such as Chalk Streams

Water feature surveys

Pollution Incident Risk Assessments and Preventative Measures

Regional Groundwater Resources Assessment
Groundwater Flooding Assessments

Groundwater Flood Risk Assessments

River Flow Gauging

River Flow Modelling

Augmentation schemes

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