Tapajos offers a full range of hydrogeological consultancy and project services.

Hydrogeological Assessments

Geological Assessments

New Source Development

Abstraction Borehole Assessment

Borehole Design -

Borehole Drilling - Project Management and Supervision

                 Production Boreholes - Exploration Boreholes

                 Public Supply -  Private Water Supplies - Irrigation

Geological Logging - core logging, drilling sample logging

Borehole Surveys - CCTV and Geophysical Surveys, Assessment & Reports

Adit Surveys - ROV Survey - technical and project management

Borehole Cleaning and Rehabilitation

Borehole Relining and Repair

Borehole Development

Acidisation - design and management

Borehole equipping - pump sizing

Pumping Tests - Design, Project Management, Supervision & Evaluation

Borehole Yield and Efficiency Optimisation

Abstraction Licence Applications

Discharge Consent Applications

Section 32 Consent to investigate a groundwater source: Environment Agency require borehole location, design, construction method and construction phase and pumping test discharge arrangements

Turbidity Assessment and Trials


Thermal Response Tests (TRT) and Evaluation

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