Tapajos offers a full range of Groundwater Assessments.

Catchment Risk Assessments

Private Water Supply Risk Assessments

Source Protection

Catchment Assessments

Groundwater Monitoring

Observation Borehole Drilling - Project Management and Supervision

Observation Borehole Network Design

Water level monitoring - install and download water level transducers

Conductivity loggers

Groundwater Pollution Risk Assessment and Prevention

Water Features Surveys

Groundwater Flooding Risk Assessments

Groundwater Modelling

Conceptual Models

Analytical and semi-analytical solutions

Numerical Flow Models

Groundwater Contaminant Transport Modelling

Source Protection Zones Delineation and Modelling

Groundwater Saline Interface monitoring and modelling

Tracer Tests

Interpretive Reports

Regional Aquifers:
      Extensive experience of a range of geologies, including:
  • Chalk
  • Lower Greensand - Folkestone and Hythe Formations
  • Ashdown Beds
  • Upper Greensand
  • Sherwood Sandstones
  • Jurassic Limestones
  • Fractured aquifers

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